Services and Pricing

One hour sessions:

  • Basic Reiki with music and aromatherapy   60
  • Enhanced Reiki session with 1 add-on (see below)   75
  • Psychotherapy with Reiki   90
  • Couples therapy with Reiki  100
  • Groups and workshops  TBD


  • Breathwork/progressive relaxation
  • Body awareness guided imagery
  • Chakra visualization
  • Chakra reading with recommendations
  • Personalized visualization

Holistic Package (2 hour assessment plus 4 focused sessions)   400 (valued at 500)

Recommended for those who are interested in a deeper exploration of the mind-body connection to reconnect and integrate lost or wounded parts of themselves.  The assessment includes several body-centered practices to help identify two focus areas in need of attention and healing.  These focus areas continue to be addressed within the four subsequent sessions that are included in the package.

Personalized Holistic mini retreats (4 hours; 2 hour assessment and 1 focus area)   300

Recommended for those who are interested in setting aside a significant amount of time to reconnect within.  Using similar practices above, the retreat style treatment provides a refuge from the outside world to help feel long lasting benefits in a shorter amount of time. Think of it as a spa day for the mind-body-spirit.  It can also serve as a jump start into deeper healing for those who are anxious to get started.