About Me


I was born Karen Lee Szabo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then raised in a New Jersey suburb just outside Philly from the age of two through the remainder of my childhood. I later returned to Philly to attend college at Drexel University where I studied psychology, anthropology and sociology and earned an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree. Soon thereafter I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where I lived for six years. During that time I earned my Master’s in Social Work from Boston University. Since then I have practiced as a psychotherapist in various capacities. My career started in 1993, when I began working with children and adolescents, and continued along that vein until 2005, when I opened my private psychotherapy practice in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2016 I studied with my Reiki Teacher and completed all three levels of Reiki. I began incorporating these practices into my holistic psychotherapy practice. I also have taught Reiki to others many times. My practice lasted until the summer of 2017 when my family and I moved to the beautiful state of Vermont. This move was for my husband’s job promotion and to be a wee bit closer to my extended family.

While living in Nashville, I caught the creativity bug and began connecting to my creative spirit in several ways, first through poetry and then music and songwriting.  I began playing the piano again after leaving it behind in my early adult years. I even took voice lessons and rekindled my love for singing. All of these creative outlets laid the foundation for poems I began to write for my daughter after she was born. One of these poems led to the board book that I self-published called “Baby Poses” and my BE with Baby blog. You can visit my blog now on this website for the continuation of that project.

I love what I do because I get to integrate all the aspects of myself that are important to me while helping others do the same.